Friday, September 14, 2012

GOD-DUTY! (Sept 9, 2012)

On Sunday, 09/09/12, had the wonderful privilege to minister again at the Colorado State Veterans Home and at Cottonwood Care Center in Colorado.  Lots of hugs and prayers were given and received.  Seeing them after such a long time was quite emotional. 

At the Vets Home, the hallways are lined with dozens of war memorabilia from different wars - I met several residents who fought in the Korean War.  What a blessing!  Can't say enough about that.

At Cottonwood Care Center, I was blessed to see some of the same residents who call me "Pastor Jan" and met some new folks.  Also was sad to see that 2 of my regulars had passed away - not sad for them, for they are with the Lord, but sad because I will miss them.

Here are a few photos.